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 silver comet: The sky dragon

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silver comet

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PostSubject: silver comet: The sky dragon   Mon May 14, 2012 5:19 am

Name: Silver Comet

Age: 500


Life story:Climb the tallest mountain in the land. Look up in the sky. You must have a trained eye to see it but deep within the clouds flys the rare skydragon silver comet.

watch as the rain drops hit her scaly skin to make her sparkle. As long as 5 busses she flys through the sky watching over the land. For a dragon she is very peacefull only attacking when prevoked. rarely will she land on the ground. (beleve me you dont want her too).

before the humans came the god flew through the land. The sky was empty so the god took the whitest cloud and formed it into her. Now the god are angered at the humans. After hearing that the humans would kill her and use her skin as a portecter aginst the gods and used for magic she took to the skys and staed there ever sence. She uses the power of the sky (wind,water,snow)

if you want to see her or talk to her sing her song.

her song (peacefull)


Deep in the clouds, up in the sky
lives a skydragon flying by
luck has its chance, between you and me
down comes the comet silver as can be...

she will know if you want to kill her.... so use this song for good.

She looks like this

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silver comet: The sky dragon
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